Privacy Policy

We are PokémonFanGames ("we", "our", "us"). We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. If you have any questions about your personal information, contact us.

What information we collect

PokémonFanGames does not collect any data from its visitors beyond the data used by advertising and web analytics cookies specified below.

What are cookies

Cookies are small files stored on your device by the browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox) at the request of the site you are viewing. This allows the viewed site to remember things like preferences and history.

Cookies can be stored on your device for a short period of time (only when the browser is open) or for an extended period, even years. Cookies set by the site are not accessible to us.

Use of cookies

This site uses cookies for several purposes, including:

  • Website language based on user preferences.
  • Analytics. This allows us to determine how people use the site and improve it.
  • Advertising cookies (possibly from third parties). If the site displays advertisements, cookies may be set by advertisers to determine who has viewed an ad or similar information. These cookies will be set by third parties, in which case, this site does not have the ability to read or write them.

Acceptance of this policy

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Changes to this policy

We may make changes to this policy at any time. You may be required to review and re-accept the information in this policy if it changes in the future.