Fast Map Exporter

By KleinStudio in Scripts (RPGXP)
-Support for my footprints script (only current map)
-Support for my water bubbles script (only current map)
-Support for reflected sprites (only current map)
-Bush tiles are supported

Okay but what exactly this does?
The script export a bitmap with the map and the things you've selected just pressing keys. For example this is the Route 3 from Essentials exported with events:

How to install
Copy and paste the script above main.

How to use
While you're testing the game you can use some key shortcuts for save maps.
-Save current map with events and player: Control + P
-Save current map with events: Control + E
-Save current map (only the map): Alt + M

Saving not current maps
While pressing control, type with the numbers keys a map id.
-Save selected map with events: Control + Map id
-Save selected map (only the map): Alt + Map id

The map bitmap will be exported to SavedMaps folder.

Credits and thanks to Zeus81 for his bitmap exporter script!