Water Bubbles

By KleinStudio in Scripts (RPGXP)
Configure the terrain tag where you want the bubbles to be displayed and done!
I've include two pictures for the bubbles animation, you should put the pictures in Graphics folder.
I've ripped the GBA style one but the 5 Gen one is ripped by Zenionith so if you use it, you should give credits to him.

How to install
Place the script in "script.txt" before main and "water.png" in Pictures folder.
If you want to use the GBA styled, don't need to place the "water.png" picture, just the "waterGBA.png". Make sure you rename it to "water.png".

How to use
By default, water bubbles are showed in terrain tag number 16, you can change it modifying "WATERRAINTAG".
Invisible events will not have effect for water bubbles. Also, if you name add "/nowater/" to an event name or create a comment in the event with NoWater, it will not have water bubbles too.