Klein Bitmap Functions

Klein Bitmap Functions is a DLL for Pokémon Essentials that will allow to make some bitmap functions fastest that using RGSS.
Some of the functions are experimental and they will be updated often, if you find any glitch or weird thing using my functions, report it.

Functions for bitmaps
- scroll_up(speed): Scroll a bitmap
- scroll_down(speed): Scroll a bitmap
- scroll_left(speed): Scroll a bitmap
- scroll_right(speed): Scroll a bitmap
- to_retro(c1, c2, c3, c4): Repaint the bitmap using only a 4 color pallete, c1 is the darker color, c2 the mid-darker, c3 the mid-brighter and c4 the brighter.
- to_negative: Repaint the bitmap with negative colors
- add_outline(c1, pixelsize): Add a colored outline

Functions for sprites
- set_pattern(pattern, alpha, everyframe=false): This functions will blend a bitmap over the actual one (third Zorua in the preview picture)
- delete_pattern: Delete the klein pattern (if any)

Extra functions
- klein_bitmap_version: Return the version from the DLL
- compare_klein_bitmaps(bitmap1, bitmap2): Return true if the bitmap is exactly the same (dimensions, etc)
- klein_dll(func, send, get): Call a function from the DLL

How to install
1. Copy the KleinBitmap.dll to your game's folder.
2. Copy and paste the KleinBitmapFunctions script above main.


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