Unlimited animated tiles

Thanks to 44tim44 for help testing the out of sync bug and report the bug
I will never know why RPG Maker do not support more that 7 animated tiles per tileset, flowers, water, and a lot of more things are sometimes needed and maybe 7 are not enough. With this script you will be able to make animated tiles (no autotiles).
If you're using Pokemon Essentials BW this script will only works well in 3.1.1 and future releases, make sure you have your project updated!
I've done lots of tests and didn't have errors or problems but if you have tell me.

How this works
First, we have to create a new tileset that will contain all the tiles we need to animate, after this you just need to configure the animation for every animated tile you want in the script. There's a explanation in the script.
After this, the game will swap tiles for make the animation, just like animated autotiles works.
The speed of the animations are the same that autotiles speed. I've already a version working with custom speeds for animations but it need more work before I can release it.

How to use in my own game
Copy and paste the script KleinAnimatedTiles above main in your game's scripts and modify the settings if needed.


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